History & Milestones

USEFUL was founded in 2017 by the group of professionals and scientists. The headquarter located in Miami, US. We are the international scientific journal and working around the globe. In 21 st century there are a lot of IT technologies, and our team decided to introduce fundamental science with new look and possibilities. We would like that every science job has life and future. We always improve our journal and ready to dialogue. We are here with one goal – MAKING OURSELVES USEFUL.

08/25/2017 ISSN 2574-4461 (online) was issued by the U.S.ISSN Center at the Library of Congress.

09/07/2017 first issue (2017-#1) was published.

11/24/2017 USEFUL is indexed by Scientific Indexing Services (SIS). Journal ID:4436.

11/30/2017 USEFUL participated at II Ukrainian Renewable Energy Forum.

12/07/2017 second issue (2017-#2) was published.

03/07/2018 third issue (2018-#1) was published.

06/07/2018 fourth issue (2018-#2) was published.