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Wooden historical and architectural constructions are particularly vulnerable to the aging process and the degradation under the influence of environmental factors, due to the relative fragility of the material. Mycological damage is one of the most common and dangerous factors causing the destruction of wooden structures. In this regard, in this article, introduction of mycodamage monitoring of wood architectural monuments, as part of an integrated system of supervision for the historical values, is proposed. Detailed monitoring algorithm for the early detection of biological damage and assess its destructive action is developed by adapting the principles of environmental monitoring to the problem of mycodestruction of building structures. A primary schema of integrated evaluation system of damages as a result of the analysis of existing regulations in the area of restoration of monuments of cultural heritage is represented.

Keywords: environmental monitoring; historical and architectural structures; biological damages; mycological destruction.

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Alona Perebynos

News Writer | PhD student

ORCID ID: 0000-0003-0565-9413 | Researcher ID: G-9169-2017. Ph.D. student at Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture. The theme of my thesis is the "Environmentally safe protection of wooden structures against fungi-destructors". I have seven scientific publications. My interests and hobbies: long-distance running; ecotourism; participate in charity marathons. I am a member of the AVAAZ (global civic campaigning community).


  1. Nowadays we have a lot of houses that do not correspond to the modern acquirements including the level of ecological safety and energy consumption. So, the reconstruction processes are able to recreate the housing stick and to fix the situation. This article reveals the information about numbers of old housing stock in Ukraine, its classification. Moreover, authors suggest the schemes of organization of the process from formation of the team of specialists to the implementation of the projects of reconstruction. The information can be very useful while coping with the problems of recreation of the housing stock in Ukraine as well as in other countries.

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