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The main factors of air pollution in large cities in Ukraine are described in the article and the main factors of smog have been analyzed on the example of Kyiv in the period January – February 2017. For the analysis of sample contamination points in Kyiv, we used a mathematical model of the spread of solid and gaseous pollutants with the main factors of influence on the scattering process of contaminants in the air: heat, turbulence, chemical kinetics, etc. As a result of the simulation it was confirmed that the smog in Kyiv and surroundings was formed as a result of anticyclone and air pollution by harmful substances, soot and etc.

Keywords: smog, dust, aerosol toxicant, aerosol-gas pollution, inversion, cyclone, anticyclone, air pollution model.

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Rostislav Sipakov

co-founder & CEO of SVP4U

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-0862-5043 | Researcher ID: G-4582-2017. Rostislav lives in several beautiful countries Ukraine and the USA, and he enjoys meeting new people. He has a Master of Science (M.S.) in Civil Engineering and Management, and 17 years of experience working with real estate and construction. Rostislav led many construction projects in Moscow. Today, He studies Environmental Engineering in University of Kyiv and writes a research thesis for the scientific degree of PhD and for his future goals...) Rostislav does business with his partners in Ukraine and the USA related to real estate. We are committed to one goal - MAKING OURSELVES USEFUL.


  1. The information of the article gives the data and even schemes of air pollution in big cities on the example of Kyiv. Authors considered all factors that have impact on air pollution: from the weather forecast to the air flow on the roads, its temperature, etc. It was also suggested how to overcome such negative impact of air contamination in big cities, but they were just enumerated. And I would like to know more about the ways how to reduce concentration of pollutants in the air of urban areas.

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