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The article deals with theoretical and methodical approaches for organization of reconstruction and overhaul programs of housing fund. On the basis of national and European experience of reconstruction and overhaul they highlighted the necessity of such programs.  Also it was held the analysis of legal documents concerning environmental safety.

Key words: reconstruction, overhaul, housing stock, energy efficiency, monitoring, housing restoration, ecological safety.

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Dmitry Varavin

Managing Editor | co-founder & COO of SVP4U

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-4161-9702 | Researcher ID: G-6419-2017. Environmental Engineer and Project Manager with international certificates in green building construction and design, and environmental knowledge area with more than seven years experience in environmental and pollution control, design expertise in waste water treatment facilities, HVAC and plumbing systems, the specialist in Global Climate Change. An expert advisor who is highly skilled in developing procedural recommendations geared toward improving industrial pollution controls, reducing energy, water use and implementing green energy. Member of international organization US Green Building Council.


  1. Reconstruction of the residential sector is very interesting issue. So that Ukraine has to consider the experience of other countries in this question. To make old houses energy efficient and more comfortable is the problem as of the government as of the residents of such houses. Because the improvements will make the lower prices for accommodation and the lower consumption of energy, water etc. The idea to describe the most appropriate ways to reach the goal of efficient houses in one article is great!

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