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Monitoring system, that ensures a steady control of water urboecosystem in area of man-caused factors influence, which allows evaluating measures to reduce the impact of hazardous sources on environment, which predicts possible consequences of intensive exploitation of ecosystem objects, is practically absent. Methods for determining structure of measuring network, arising from theory of fractals, are presented. The developed methodology for improving reliability of data for environmental monitoring is based on determining structure of measuring network, area limits and density of pollution on basis of measuring network data and appropriate interpolation and smoothing algorithms, and also determining dynamics of pollution area. Measurement network for monitoring of groundwater in urboecosystem should be formed as a matrix structure. The developed system of environmental monitoring allows carrying out constant monitoring of the environment, evaluating measures to reduce the technogenic impact and predicting its consequences.

Key words: environmental monitoring, groundwater, urboecosystem, measuring matrix.

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Alina Dychko

ORCID ID: 0000–0003–4632–3203 | Researcher ID: U-1215-2017. Dr. Sc., Prof. Environmental Engineering Department Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kiev Polytechnic Institute"

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