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In this paper, an analysis of the influence of solar cycles on the seasonal change in rainfall and the possibility of a more accurate forecast of these changes were carried out. The territory of the Carpathian region of Ukraine was selected for research. The data collection, namely the numerical values of the amount of precipitation used, was carried out on the key hydrometeorological stations located within the above-mentioned territory. The obtained results allow estimating seasonal fluctuations of precipitation in the studied region more accurately. Also, this approach can be used for other areas as well.

Keywords: solar cycles, changes in rainfall, climate change.

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Olena Voloshkina

Chief Editor | D.SC.

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-3671-4449 | Researcher ID: G-8607-2017. Doctor of Science, Head of Occupation safety and Environment Department at Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture with more than 33 years of professional experience. She is engaged in the development, which makes it possible to evaluate and forecast the formation of the quality of surface and underground water sources, ecological safety of territories and water areas. In the creative work of Voloshkina O.S. about 130 scientific works, including study guides, two patents for invention, monograph "Issues of environmental safety of surface water objects" (2007). Professor Voloshkina is Corresponding Member of Ukrainian Academy of Engineering Sciences. Honorary Professor of Shenyang University (China), a member of the methodical subcommittee of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine for the development of standards of specialty 101 "Ecology" of the knowledge 10 "Natural sciences."

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