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The article describes the state of the buildings of the Bialystok open air museum (Poland). The preliminary survey of biodestruction in the Bialystok open air museum shows that wooden buildings are in good condition and 92% of historical and architectural constructions were estimated to the second category of technical state. Buildings were examined to identify kinds of biological agents by using an algorithm of the monitoring of historical monuments. The main biodestructions of wooden constructions was made by insects, lichens, algae films and colonies of microfungi. In the article a comparison of biodestruction impact was made for Bialystok and skansen «Pyrogovo» (Ukraine). Entomological damage prevails among biodestructions of wooden elements of historical and architectural structures both in the Bialystok skansen and in the «Pyrogovo».

Keywords: skansen, wooden buildings, biological damage, mycological destruction, monitoring algorithm.

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Alona Perebynos

News Writer | PhD student

ORCID ID: 0000-0003-0565-9413 | Researcher ID: G-9169-2017. Ph.D. student at Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture. The theme of my thesis is the "Environmentally safe protection of wooden structures against fungi-destructors". I have seven scientific publications. My interests and hobbies: long-distance running; ecotourism; participate in charity marathons. I am a member of the AVAAZ (global civic campaigning community).

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