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The assessment and forecasting of the quality of water sources that can be suitable for public water supply and the implementation of the principles of the Water Framework EU Directive 2000/60 / are of great importance on the threshold of the third millennium. The rationale of the research stems from the fact that at the current stage of development of commercial public water supply systems, 70% of water use in Ukraine is provided from surface sources (the EU average is 20%). According to existing standards, all major rivers of our country, as well as their main tributaries, are considered to be “polluted” and “very polluted”.
It became extremely urgent to study the stages of long-term changes in the mineralization index in the aquatic ecosystem under the influence of external factors and to obtain dependencies to determine the maximum value of the mineralization index, which can be accumulated in the aquatic ecosystem, and time needed for the lake or river system to achieve the new stage of technogenic equilibrium.
The determined regularities may form the basis for justification of the maximum allowable water loads for different regions of Ukraine to ensure their adequate level of environmental safety, and to improve the work efficiency of water treatment facilities. The assessment and forecasting of the technogenic pollution impact on the mineral composition of surface waters of Ukraine are carried out.

Keywords: water-surface ecosystems, technogenic deformation, hydrochemical parameters, total mineralization.

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Tatyana Kotova

Associate Professor at Environmental Protection Department of Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture

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