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The algorithm of the system approach to estimation of environmental processes during the reconstruction of housing in Kyiv city is described in the article. The problem of using resources by the real estate sector is defined and the ways of its solution are presented (main indicators and elements of ecological processes of reconstruction FS, EE, RP, OM, CE are defined). The process of forming a team of specialists in the means of identifying the initial data of the project, tools, and methods of selecting the team is built. The main elements of building the reconstruction process (methodology, organizational structure, means of communication) are revealed. The process of environmental assessment at different stages of the object reconstruction is proposed (pre-project stage, design stage, construction and installation stage, commissioning and maintenance phase of the facility). The prerequisites are laid for the derivation and justification of comfort living indices based on the parameters determining the degree and level of ecological compatibility of the reconstruction (energy efficiency, water use efficiency, location of the reconstruction object, transport accessibility, etc.).

Keywords: environmental assessment algorithm, reconstruction, systems approach.

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Dmitry Varavin

Managing Editor | co-founder & COO of SVP4U

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-4161-9702 | Researcher ID: G-6419-2017. Environmental Engineer and Project Manager with international certificates in green building construction and design, and environmental knowledge area with more than seven years experience in environmental and pollution control, design expertise in waste water treatment facilities, HVAC and plumbing systems, the specialist in Global Climate Change. An expert advisor who is highly skilled in developing procedural recommendations geared toward improving industrial pollution controls, reducing energy, water use and implementing green energy. Member of international organization US Green Building Council.

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