Morphogenesis and adjustment of flat rod structures.

 Volodymyr Skochko 1*,
 Vitalii Ploskyi 2
1,2Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture. 
Received: 04/20/2018, Accepted: 06/15/2018, Available online: 06/30/2018. 
*Corresponding author: e-mail:, address: Povitroflotsky Avenue, 31, Kyiv, 03680 Ukraine
Under a creative commons license. Volume 2, Issue 2, 2018, pages: 08-26.



Author Keywords: rod structures, morphogenesis, numerical simulation, stress-strain state.


The mathematical apparatus allowing receiving the preliminary form of rod construction as well as changing positions of nods of the received model, systemically redistributing internal forces in its rods was considered in this paper. To achieve this, the parametric equations of rods of the construction are used. These equations reflect the relationship between coordinates of the model, stiffness parameters, and the characteristics of the external forces acting on the structure. The flat hinged trusses, the rods of which work only on tension or compression, are considered as an object of researches. Several examples of the shaping and adjustment of flat trusses are given, taking into account different initial conditions.


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Please cite as: V.Skochko, V.Ploskyi “Morphogenesis and adjustment of flat rod structures.” USEFUL online journal, vol. 2, no. 2, pp. 08–26, June 2018. DOI: