Characterization and substantiation of conflict situations in the preparation of water for heat energy objects in the construction industry.

 Nataliia Zhuravska 1*
1Department of Occupational Health and the Environment of Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture. 
Received: 09/20/2018, Accepted: 09/28/2018, Available online: 09/30/2018. 
*Corresponding author: e-mail:
Under a creative commons license. Volume 2, Issue 3, 2018, pages: 07-09.



Author Keywords: potentially possible conflict situations, energy saving technologies, material flows, biotic potential, biological damage.


In this paper one of the issues of the thermodynamic concept of material flows in the system of thermal power objects (TEO) is considered. The emergence of potentially possible conflict situations in the preparation of technical water under critical operating conditions of the TEO systems is investigated. It is established that there is a decrease in the total concentration of integral material evidence. It is shown that biological changes in the TEO systems are formed at the temperature (mode) - specific electrical conductivity of biological overgrowing, which is confirmed by the presence of "wildlife", which necessitates the identification and establishment of optimal gradations in relation to the operation of the TEO systems. Confirmation of this is the biotic potential in the operation of the feasibility study: for optimal regimes -1,7; under critical conditions - 2,6 (the self-organization of material flows is violated).


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Please cite as: N. Zhuravska “Characterization and substantiation of conflict situations in the preparation of water for heat energy objects in the construction industry.” USEFUL online journal, vol. 2, no. 3, pp. 07–09, September 2018. DOI: