Environmental commitment.

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Thinking Green

The USEFUL decided to use its office in an environmentally certified facility, which would be able to popularize the use of property that does not cause environmental damage to the environment.

A Gold-Certified Campus

Our landlord's building Brickell City Centre became another commercial object in the Brickell, Miami to be awarded gold certification for new construction from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™.

This gold-certification was based on an evaluation of key elements of human and environmental health when constructed this building in 2016.

Our office in Brickell, Miami has LEED score Gold 65/110 included:

- Preferred locations 5/10;
- Locations with reduced automobile dependence 7/7;
- Housing and jobs proximity 2/3;
- Steep slope protection 1/1;
- Site design for habitat or wetland and water body conservation 1/1;
- Walkable streets 4/12;
- Access to recreation facilities 1/1;
- Community outreach and involvement 2/2;
- Local food production 1/1;
- Tree-lined and shaded streets 2/2;
- Neighborhood schools 1/1;
- Compact development 6/6;
- Mixed-use neighborhood centers 4/4;
- Street network 2/2;
- Transit facilities 1/2;
- Transportation demand management 1/2;
- Access to civic and public space 1/1;
- Certified green buildings 5/5;
- Infrastructure energy efficiency 1/1;
- Recycled content in infrastructure 1/1;
- Solid waste management infrastructure 1/1;
- Water efficient landscaping 1/1;
- Stormwater management 4/4;
- Heat island reduction 1/1;
- Innovation and exemplary performance +5;
- LEED Accredited Professional +1;
- Stormwater management +1;
- Tree-lined and shaded streets +1;
- Locations with reduced automobile dependence +1.

I am Dmytro Varavin, certified LEED AP BD+C invite you to join WeWork Brickell City Centre. We’re a community where businesses of all kinds thrive. What kind are you?